New Mexico

New Mexico is one of the youngest states, with one of the oldest state capitals. The state wasn’t established until 1912, but Spanish explorers and missionaries founded Santa Fe in 1610. Today, the state is known for its unique culture that weaves together Native American, Hispanic, and Anglo traditions.

Fun Facts

  • The International Balloon Fiesta occurs in Albuquerque in October every year. Over 700 hot-air balloons appear during the event.
  • New Mexican cuisine is delicious and unique. Blue corn tortillas, pinon nuts, chiles, and unusual sauces and flavors make it a favorite for many tourists.
  • Pinon bushes grow throughout northern New Mexico. People can be seen harvesting them near roadsides in the fall.
  • Santa Fe and Taos are vibrant art communities with many galleries. People interested in art visit from around the world.
  • Central New Mexico is known for cattle and sheep ranching. The state also produces hay and onions, and is one of the largest chile growers in the country.
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory is home to scientists and researchers studying nuclear energy.
  • New Mexico has one of the largest populations of American Indians in the country. Pueblo Indians have lived in Taos Pueblo for more than 1,000 years.


New Mexico Quick Stats

Population: 2,059,179

Capital: Santa Fe (population, 67,947)

Largest city: Albuquerque (population, 545,882)

State bird: roadrunner

State flower: yucca

Questions and Answers

Question: What are the red wreaths found in New Mexico made from?

Answer: The wreaths are made from dried chile peppers that are strung together.


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