Northern pike

The Northern Pike is a fish species found in the freshwaters of the Northern Hemisphere including Russia, Europe and North America. The scientific name of this species is Esox lucius. It has an elongate body, small scales, long head, and shovel like snout with a large mouth.

Their mouths are filled with a large number of long, sharp teeth. They are generally olive green in color. They are also known by various other names, American Pike, Great Lakes Pike, Jackfish etc.

Quick Facts: –

  • The Northern Pike is the state fish of North Dakota.
  • This fish has a long slender body. It has sides which are marked with lighter colored spots.
  • They are carnivorous in nature. Their diet mainly consists of smaller fishes and frogs, waterfowl etc.
  • They are ambush predators which means they keep lying waiting perfectly still for long periods for prey to arrive.
  • These fishes have long feeding periods and comparatively short digestion time.
  • This fish has got this name from its resemblance to the pole-weapon known as the pike.
  • Some species of this fish can swim at speeds of up to 10 miles per hour.
  • It is the second largest member of the Esox family or also known as the Pike family.
  • These fishes generally stay in deeper and cooler regions of the water body but during spring, they move to shallow waters.
  • The biggest Northern Pike ever caught weighed 25 kilograms and held by Lothar Louis.