All About Europe

Europe is the world’s second smallest continent covering a total land area of only 4,000,000 square miles. Despite having a relatively small size, it is the third largest after Asia and Africa when it comes to population.

The name ‘Europe’ is believed to have originated from the Greek word ‘Eurus’ that means wide or broad. There are a total of 50 countries in Europe. Over 740 million people live here. Germany has the largest population in the European continent with over 82 million residents.


  • Largest Country: Russia
  • Largest City: Moscow, Russia
  • Smallest Country: Vatican City
  • Istanbul in Turkey is the largest populated city with over 15 million residents.
  • Biggest Island: Greenland
  • Longest River: Volga River
  • Highest Mountain: Mount Elbrus
  • Biggest Lake: Lake Ladoga
  • Largest Waterfalls: Rhine Falls
  • Largest Active Volcano: Mount Etna
  • Largest Glacier: Vatna Glacier located in Iceland.
  • Largest volcano in Europe is Mount Etna located in Italy.
  • The lowest point in Europe is the Caspian Sea, it is 92 feet below sea level.


Fun Facts: –

  • The world’s largest colony of ants was found in Europe.
  • The European Empire was in history the largest empire.
  • The continent is known for its diversity even when it comes to climate.
  • There is no geological separation of the landmass between Europe and Asia.
  • The European Economic Community, or EEC, was established in 1957.
  • There are 28 European countries that are members of the European Union.
  • The most commonly practiced religion in Europe is Christianity.
  • Approximately 11% of the world’s population lives in Europe.
  • Europeans love chocolate, over 50% of the world’s chocolate is eaten here.
  • The is only one remaining Rainforest in Europe, located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is called the Perucica Forest.
  • The highest toilet at a height of 4,200 m is located on Mont Blanc.