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November 15th In History


On November 15, 1961, United Nations banned the nuclear arms. On the same day in 1963, Argentina voided all foreign oil contracts.

1533: – Explorer Francisco Pizarro entered Cuzco, Peru.

1837: – Isaac Pitman introduced his shorthand system.

1849: – The first US poultry show opened in Boston.

1920: – The first League of Nations session was opened in Geneva by Forty-one nations.

1948: – Mackenzie King retired after serving as Prime Minister of Canada for 22 long years.

1955: – A trade agreement was signed between Poland and Yugoslavia.

1957: – Soviet spy Rudolf Ivanovich Abel was sentenced to 30 years and $3,000 by the US government.

1960: – The USS George Washington, first submarine with nuclear missiles was taken to sea from Charleston, Canada.

1961: – United Nations banned the nuclear arms.

1962: – Don Dryssdale won Cy Young award.

1963: – Argentina voided all foreign oil contracts.

1976: – A Syrian Peace Force took control of Beirut, Lebanon.’

1977: – President Jimmy Carter welcomed the Shah of Iran.

1988: – Independence of the Arab State of Palestine was declared by the Palestinian National Council.

2013: – Gambia ended all the ties with Taiwan. It is one of a few African countries that recognize Taiwan.

Days on November 15: –

  • National Philanthropy Day
  • America Recycles day
  • National Spicy Hermit Cookie Day
  • National Raisin Bran Cereal Day


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