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November 26th in History

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On November 26, Netherlands and Germany signed the Trade agreement. On the same day in 1948, Belgian government of Spaak resigned.


1688: – French King Louis XIV declared war on the Netherlands.

1764: – France banned Jesuit enorde.

1832: – First American street car railway started operating in New York City.

1835: – HMS Beagle left Tahiti for New Zealand.

1842: – The University of Notre Dame was founded.

1864: – Confederate troops vacated Sandersville Georgia.

1867: – JB Sutherland got patent for refrigerated railroad car.

1895: – Hawaiian Sugar Planters Association was formed.

1916: – Greece declared war on Germany.

1925: – Netherlands and Germany signed the Trade agreement.

1934: – German theologist Karl Barth surrendered to Na-zis.

1941: – US President Franklin D Roosevelt signed a bill that established the 4th Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day.

1948: – Belgian government of Spaak resigned.

1965: – France launched first satellite A1-capsule (Asterix).

1998: – Tony Blair became the first British Prime Minister to speak to the Irish Parliament.

2014: – International Space Station announced that a 3D printer has been installed and operated successfully.


Marked Days on November 26: –

  • International Anti Obesity Day
  • National Cake Day


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