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November 28th in history

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On November 28, 1912, Ismail Qemali declared Albania independent from Turkey in Vlore. On the same day in 1958, became an autonomous republic within French Community.


1520: – Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan began crossing the Pacific Ocean.

1660: – Royal Society was formed in London.

1757: – Britain condemned convention of Kloster-Zeven.

1775: – Second Continental Congress formally established US Navy.

1813: – Cossacks occupied Utrecht.

1821: – Panama declared Independence from Spain.

1853: – Olympia was formed as capital of Washington Territory.

1854: – Dutch Army stopped Chinese uprising in Borneo.

1861: – Confederate congress officially admitted Missouri to Confederacy.

1905: – Arthur Griffith formed the political party Sinn Fein in Dublin, Ireland.

1912: – Ismail Qemali declared Albania independent from Turkey in Vlore.

1916: – First German air attack took place on London.

1918: – Kaiser Wilhelm II of Prussia and Germany abdicated.

1919: – US born Lady Astor was elected as first female member of British House of Commons.

1922: – Six ex-ministers were executed in Greece.

1929: – Richard E. Byrd made his first South Pole flight.

1941: – German troops vacated Rostov.

1958: – Chad became an autonomous republic within French Community.

1964: – Mariner 4 was launched. It was the first probe to fly by Mars.

2011: – Sheikh Nasser al-Mohammad al-Sabah resigned from his position as Prime Minister of Kuwait.


Days on November 28: –

  • National French Toast Day
  • Republic Day (Chad, Burundi)
  • Navy Day (Iran)


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