Paper Helicopter Video for Kids

                                                  Helicopter Facts

Helicopters are agile air crafts. They are capable of flying and hovering in different directions. They are classified as rotorcrafts as they use rotors to supply the thrust and lift. Most of them have two rotors on the top and on the tail. If the engine of a helicopter stops then the rotors will continue to spin allowing it to land slowly without crashing to the ground. There are more than 45,000 helicopters operating all over the world including military helicopters. Helicopters can be used for a variety of purposes like transportation, recreation, rescue operations, defense etc.

Fun Facts: –

  • Helicopters are capable of vertical takeoff and landing.
  • A helicopter is ideal to be used in limited space where it is required to hover over a precise area.
  • Igor Sikorsky, a Russian engineer built the first helicopter in 1909 but it was not successful.
  • Leonardo da Vinci designed a machine that resembled a helicopter in 1480.
  • The Focke-Wulf Fw 61 is believed to be the first working helicopter. It was first flown in 1936.
  • A helicopter can have a long body or a short and compact body both.
  • In 1784, two French men Launoy and Bienvenu built a feathered-model helicopter.
  • Ross Perot Jr. and J. W. Coburn circled the entire earth in a helicopter in 1982. They made a new record.
  • A helicopter is generally slower as compared to an airplane.
  • There is a nut called the ‘Jesus nut’. It holds the main rotor to the shaft of the helicopter.
  • Helicopters also have their limitations. They are noisy, vibrating, and slow.