Paradise Harbour

Paradise Harbour is located near Lemaire and Bryde Islands on the Antarctic Peninsula’s west coast. It is one of the two mainland harbours that are used as a stop for cruise ships. The other one is Neko Harbour.

This bay’s name was coined by whalers in the early 1920s. The harbour is filled with glaciated mountains. It is famous for its icebergs, glacial mountains and the gentoo penguins that live on the island.

Quick Facts: –

  • The International Whaling Commission banned commercial whaling in 1986 in Paradise Harbour, although the ban is opposed by some countries.
  • There are two scientific research bases located in this area which are Argentina’s Almirante Brown Antarctic Base and Chile’s Gonzalez Videla Antarctic Base.
  • People use lightweight inflatable boats called ‘Zodiacs’ to get from one place to another.
  • These boats are used instead of regular cruise ships because it is easier for small boats to maneuver in tight narrow passages.
  • The glaciers in Paradise Harbour have beautiful reflections when the light bounces on water.
  • This harbour is the one of the windiest and coldest place on earth.
  • It is so cold that no life forms exist except for rock formations, snow-capped mountains and ice fjords.
  • There are many icebergs that calve off the glacier at the harbour’s head providing various shades of blue.
  • This harbour is a stunning area for whale spotting and panoramic views.