Peles Castle

The Peles Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Europe. It is located in Sinaia, Walachia in Southern Romania. It was built by the first king of Romania Carol I. The construction started in 1873 and was completed in 1883.

The construction was still ongoing after its official opening in 1883 and it was finished to get its present shape in 1914. It is a masterpiece of German Neo-Renaissance architecture.


Quick Facts:-

  • Peles Castle has a 3,200 square meter floor plan. It has 168 rooms.
  • This palace is composed of seven different buildings.
  • These buildings are Pelisor, Guard’s Chambers, Economat Building, Foisor Hunting House, Royal Stables, Electrical Power Plantand Sipot Villa.
  • This castle was constructed under the direct order of the Viennese architect Wilhem Dodere
  • Main architects to extend it included Wilhelm von Dodere, Johannes Schultz, Emile Andre Lecomte du Nouy and Karel Liman.
  • The Royal Library of the castle has rare books with leather covers on them. These covers are engraved with golden letters.
  • The Imperial Suite is believed to be a tribute to the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I.
  • The furniture of the Music Room has been carved of teak. This furniture was gifted to King Carol I.
  • Peles Castle was the first European castle to have electricity. It even has its own power plant.
  • It has a beautiful Royal garden with seven terraces decorated with stone statues, fountains, and Carrara marble ornamental pots.