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Polymer Definition Facts for Kids Video


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                                           Polymer Facts for Kids

Polymers can be defined as big molecules. These chemical compounds are formed from long chains of same types of molecules. These chemical units are repeated over and over. The no. of times these chains are repeated is called as the degree of polymerization or chain length. They can be flexible, pliable and stretchy. The term polymer has been derived from Greek terms ‘poly’ and ‘mer’ that mean ‘many’ and ‘units’ respectively. The chemical reaction that binds monomers together can be defined as polymerization.

Quick Facts: –

  • Many common polymers are composed of hydrocarbons, compounds of carbon and hydrogen.
  • They are usually created with natural things to serve some specific purposes.
  • Linear polymers that lack any specific order are called amorphous polymers. Generally, they are transparent.
  • Not all molecules can form polymers.
  • The paper we write on everyday is a man-made polymer. It is made by compressing and flattening wood pulp.
  • In 1868, John W. Hyatt won a contest where he used celluloid to replace ivory.
  • Polymers are high crystalline and develop opacity.
  • They serve as light pipes because they can bend light.
  • Polymers have sound properties as they are used for dampening sound.
  • They decompose at a relatively slow speed.
  • Some polymers retain a certain shape while others are willing to change into a different shape.


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