Want to grow a vegetable garden? Radishes are a great plant for beginning gardeners. They grow quickly and they take up just a little space. You can even grow them in a container on a sunny window ledge.

You’ve probably seen – and perhaps eaten – small, red, round radishes, but there are many other varieties. Radishes come in red, white, pink, yellow, purple, and black. Some are spicy; others are sweeter. Some are long like a carrot or chunky like a turnip. The ‘Munchen Bier’ radish is white with a solid-red center.


Fun Facts

  • Radishes probably originated in southeast Asia.
  • The Daikon radish is a long white radish used in Japanese cooking. It can be served fresh, pickled, dried, or added to stir-fries.
  • Radishes have a strong, pungent flavor caused by oils in them. These same oils are found in horseradish, wasabi, and mustard.
  • Noche de Rabanos – Night of the Radishes – is a Mexican festival that comes one day before Christmas Eve. Artists sculpt Nativity scenes from radishes.
  • Radishes are usually grown for their roots; however, some people enjoy eating radish sprouts – young, tender leaves. Daikon radishes are grown for their seeds, which is pressed to make oil.



  1. Pickle: a method of preserving food with vinegar, spices, and salt
  2. Pungent: strong, slightly bitter flavor


Questions and Answers

Question: How should I eat radishes?

Answer: Some people eat small radishes whole. They are quite spicy, though, so you might like them better sliced thinly in a salad or dipped in ranch dressing.


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