Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll is a relatively new cat breed that was developed by an American breeder, Ann Baker in the 1960s in Riverside, California. They are known for their silky, rabbit-like fur with bright blue eyes.

Their eyes may come in different shapes and shades of blue and only purebreds have blue eyes. Females can reach 15 pounds and males can reach 20 pounds of weight. They are one of the largest domestic cats in the world.

Quick Facts: –

  • The Ragdoll likes to be held in lap but does not go completely stiff when you hold her. When being held, they need to be supported with both the hands.
  • They are extremely affectionate creatures and can easily get along well with dogs.
  • They are playful cats as they like to be dressed up in doll clothes and pushed around in a baby buggy.
  • They have an average lifespan of approximately 12 to 17 years.
  • They are quite kitties and should be treated with extra care as they may not meow if distressed or in pain.
  • Generally, these cats will have a lighter body combined with a darker face, legs, tail and ears.
  • They have docile personalities which makes them a perfect breed for families with children.
  • They are not considered fully grown adults until aged four. This is the reason why they are known as slow-maturing cats.
  • Excessive shedding of their undercoat is something which makes them highly prone to people who suffer from allergies.