Robot Fish Facts for Kids Video

                                               Robot Fish Facts

Andrew Marchese was the first person to make a robotic fish. It looks, feels and swims like a real fish. It can make a complete C-turn like a fish does in escape mode. It can execute the escape maneuver very fast. This fish has a soft exterior that makes it inherently safe. It is made with a specific purpose so that it can interact with living things without harming them, changing its shape and sizes to fit in.

Quick Facts: –

  • This fish is equipped with tiny chemical sensors and will collect data on pollution.
  • These sensors are capable of detecting hazards such as chemical spills and fertilizer runoff.
  • This robotic fish is powered by fluid flowing through flexible channels.
  • It was designed in such a way that it has an infinite range of configurations.
  • This robot fish cannot be mistaken for prey as predators find the electromagnetic fields of robots unpleasant.
  • This fish can wiggle through the water by using their fish like tails and fins. These fins produce less drags and noise and help them to make tight turns.
  • The body of the fish is largely silicone rubber and fluid filled channels are embedded inside this.
  • It is the first self-contained autonomous soft robot that is capable of a rapid body motion.
  • Its mouth is equipped with small sensors that are used to control the oxygen concentration in water.
  • This technology is very much useful for different purposes like: – deep sea exploration, offshore industry, marine security and environmental monitoring etc.