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Take a couple of moments to enjoy a cool unique and extremely easy to comprehend Rutherford Atomic Model fun facts for kids video:

About this Rutherford Atomic Model Video

Watch this fun video about Ernest Rutherford’s atomic model. With this video, you will be able to learn how an atom is made of three parts; the proton, neutron and electron, and where in the atom each of them are located. You will also learn about how the Alpha Particle Emitter or Rutherford’s gold foil experiment works. The video will show some pictures of the previously predicted atomic structure and how this changed because of the alpha particles. You will also see some diagrams that further explain how the alpha particles behave and see a diagram of the correct atomic structure that came from Ernest Rutherford.

Watch this fascinating Rutherford Atomic Model facts for kids video and substantially smarten-up your young kid’s interest in Rutherford Atomic Model.

This Rutherford Atomic Model video is scholastic yet enjoyable for kids, from ones engaged in early learning programs for pre-K children, all the way to grade 5, naturally as well as young children and kids in far-off schools.

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