Saving Kakapo in New Zealand Video for Kids

                                             Kakapo Facts

Kakapo is the only flightless bird in the entire world. They have soft feathers and can’t fly but they have strong legs that make them excellent hiker and climbers. They are nocturnal that means they are active only at night. They are also known as ‘night parrot’ or ‘midnight rambler’ due to this behaviour. Kakapo is the fattest and heaviest species of parrot. They are also the longest living birds with an average life span of 90 years. These birds are native to New Zealand. They use their soft feathers and short wings for balance and support. When they detect danger, they freeze to become invisible. These birds are friendly and not afraid of people.

Quick Facts: –

  • Although kakapo is a parrot species but the bird does not look like one. It looks more like an owl.
  • They have a well-developed sense of smell that helps them to find food during night time.
  • Kakapos themselves smell very good.
  • They can store large amount of energy as body fat.
  • A separate island has been assigned as home for this species. The island is completely protected.
  • Their mating season starts in December and ends in April.
  • Eagles are major natural enemies of kakapo.
  • These birds are herbivores and eat variety of foods such as roots, leaves etc.
  • They are critically endangered and according to a recent report, only 126 kakapos exist in the wild.
  • An English ornithologist was the person who first described kakapo in 1845.
  • The courtship system used by kakapos is known as lekking.
  • Their eggs hatch after 30 days.
  • Females guard their eggs throughout the day and leaves only during the night time when they start looking for food.