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Science Fair Projects for 3rd Grade Video for Kids


                               Science Fair Projects for 3rd Grade

This video is about one of the most amazing science fair projects for 3rd grade called “Rocket Balloon”. You will be able to find out if the shape of the balloon affects the thrust and how far the rocket travels. There are three different sized balloon used in this experiment.

Materials Required: –

  • Kite string
  • Straw
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • One 12 inch round balloon
  • One skinny clown balloon
  • One rocket balloon

Procedure: –

  • Thread the string through the straw.
  • Hook the piece of kite string on two poles that are distant enough.
  • Take your balloon and blow it up.
  • After blowing up, do not tie off just pinch it shut.
  • Tape the balloon to the straw on the string but make sure it does not deflate.
  • Let go of the balloon and watch your rocket balloon shoot.

Concept: –

This experiment works on the same concept that is used in propelling a rocket. Some kind of force is required to push it forward. Our balloon rocket is propelled by pressure.



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