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Scientific Method for Kids – Video for Kids


                                        Scientific Method for Kids

Scientists use scientific methods as they work. Scientific methods are organized ways to answer questions and solve problems. These methods include several steps. Scientists might not use all the steps or they might not use the steps in order. You will use the scientific method when you want to find something out or when you do science fair project.

  • The first step in a scientific method is to ask a question. You might have a question about something you observed. For example, does grass need the sun to grow?
  • Next, you will conduct a research by reading, getting advice and making observations. For example, you might read about the effects of the sun on plants or talk to a horticulturist.
  • The next step is to state your hypothesis. A hypothesis is a possible answer to your question. You tell what you think will happen. For example, you might say that grass needs the partial sun to grow.
  • The next step is a procedure. You plan how you will test your hypothesis. You identify and control variables. Variables are the things that can change. For a fair test, you choose just one variable to change while keeping all other variables same. For example, test growing grass in full sun, partial sun and no sun at all.
  • Next, you want to test actually your hypothesis. This is where you collect your materials and tools, conduct the experiment and record the data. For example, you would actually plant grass seeds where there is full sun, partial sun and no sun at all.
  • The next step is to together your results. You interpret your data, organize your notes and records to make them clear, make diagrams, charts or graphs to help.
  • The last step is making your conclusion. This is where you analyze your data and summarize your findings, state your conclusion, your conclusion is the decision you make based on your data, communicate what you found out, tell whether or not your data supported your hypothesis. For example, there is a possibility that you found out that the grass grows the best in the partial sun.


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