Seasons of the Year – Free Download Printable Hidden Words Activity

Seasons Quiz
Seasons Quiz

Seasons of the Year – Free Downloadable and Printable Hidden Words Activity sheet for kids. Download our FREE word search puzzle game about seasons to supplement your science lessons!

This find-the-hidden-words science game about the 4 seasons of the year is great for after class tutoring. You can teach about worldwide and USA seasons of the year also at home or in special school enhancement programs. Your kids will learn fun facts about the different seasons while enjoying this easy science activity about the four seasons for preschoolers and primary school children. You can print the seasons of the year worksheet for free and use it as many times as you wish. is a free quality resource for educating kids in a fun and easy way about science and the world around us. Seasons are only one of the many fun topics we offer.

We experience changing seasons because the Earth travels around the Sun. There are four seasons in a year.

4 Seasons of the Year Free Worksheet for Kids

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Download the Seasons of the Year Worksheet!



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