Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is a popular dog breed in the United States. The documentation of their origin goes back at least 1,000 years. It is an affectionate, happy, adorable house dog breed. They were originally bred to be a companion dog.

In ancient times, their main job was to guard palaces and monasteries in ancient China. These dogs have a thick double coat that consists of a harder outer coat and soft inner coat.

Quick Facts: –

  • Shih Tzu dogs originated in Tibet probably back around the 7th century.
  • It is believed that these dogs were sent to the Chinese royalty as gifts.
  • They are also called Chrysanthemum-Faced Dogs as their facial hairs grow in every direction.
  • Their name Shih Tzu is a Mandarin phrase which translates to ‘Little Lion’.
  • These dogs do not shed hair so they can be good pets for people who suffer from allergies.
  • This dog breed was completely wiped out by the Communist Party after 1949 during the Communist Revolution.
  • They should not be kept in hot, humid weather as they are prone to heat stroke.
  • Their coat needs to be brushed and groomed on a regular basis otherwise it will start to mat.
  • These cute dogs are alert, friendly, playful, curious and very loyal to their owners which make them a good pet.
  • The puppies are born with a single coat and another coat starts to grow after about 7 months.