Skeleton Bones Video for Kids

                                             Skeleton Bones

Human skeletal system consists of 206 bones. At birth it had around 300 bones but as you grow, some of them fuse together and you end up having 206 bones. Your growth is the reason why you lose bones over time.

Facts you didn’t know: –

  • The human skeletal system does a lot of jobs like: – giving form to the body, produce new blood cell etc.
  • The longest bone is your thigh bone, which is also known as femur.
  • You have around 54 bones in your hand which allow you to do various works by moving your wrist and fingers.
  • The axial skeleton part has 80 bones.
  • Some of your joints move a lot but a few of them do not move at all.
  • The ‘Funny bone’ is not a bone in actual. It is your ulnar nerve which runs inside your elbow. Knocking it out can cause a severe pain in your forearm.
  • Your teeth are also a part of your skeleton but they are not as flexible as bones due to lack of collagen. This is the reason they are not counted as bones.
  • The stapes is the smallest bone of human body which is located in the middle ear.
  • Our skull has only one moving part that is the lower jaw bone, called the Mandible.
  • Toe bones are most fragile bones in the entire body.
  • Osteosarcoma is the most common form of bone cancer.
  • In every 7 years, your skeleton replaces all of its cells.