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Snow Makes Water – An Experiment


Most of the water we drink started out as snow. In the spring, snow melts and becomes water. The water flows from streams to rivers to lakes or reservoirs. But how much water is left when snow melts? With this simple experiment you can find out how snow makes water.

Kid with a Bucket of Snow Image - Science for Kids How Snow Makes Water

After a snowstorm, gently scoop snow into a bucket. Don’t pack it down.

Materials Needed:

  1. Bucket
  2. Ruler

Directions for Snow Makes Water Experiment:

  1. After a snowstorm, gently scoop snow into a bucket. Don’t pack it down. Or, place the bucket outdoors during the snowstorm and let it naturally fill.
  2. Measure the snow in the bucket and record the results.
  3. Bring the bucket indoors. Let it melt. Now measure the water with the ruler.

Chances are, you’ll have a lot less water than snow. In most cases, you need about 20 inches of snow to get 1 inch of water. However, some types of snow make more water than others. Snow that falls in the spring is usually very heavy, dense and full of water. It’s hard to shovel, but it’s good for making snowballs. This type of snow makes more water than a light, fluffy winter snow.

How Snow Makes Water Video:

A video of how snow makes water at camp.


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maria rejai says:

Excellent website. I teach Elementary science and math.

admin says:

Thanks, Maria! We are working hard to make this a great science resource for educators and kids. Help us spread the word! We will soon launch contests for kids (and adult kids) with mega quizzes, so stay tuned! Many more things coming over next month… Free educational games, free contests, free quiz questions and answers and more!



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