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Solid Liquid Gas Facts for Kids Video


                                          Solid, Liquid and Gas

This video is about the properties of the 3 states of matter; Solid, Liquid and Gas. These states behave very differently from each other. Scientists think that it is because the particles that they are made up of are arranged differently. The theory is that everything is made up of millions of tiny particles far too small to see.

Take an example of a soda can. It is made up of aluminium metal. Its particles are packed tightly together. They are held in a fixed arrangement and hardly move. Because these particles are held in place it has a definite shape unless you are strong enough to change it. Squash the air out of the can and you are left with a lump of metal. The metal itself cannot be squashed. Its particles are already as tightly pushed together as possible. It is solid.

The drink behaves quite differently. Particles are still held closely together but they are not in a fixed arrangement. Instead, the particles stumble over each other which is why a liquid takes on the shape of whatever container it is in. Like a solid, it is impossible to squash a liquid. If you a take bottle full of a liquid then no matter how much force you apply, you cannot squash the liquid because there is no space between the particles. A liquid cannot be compressed.

Take an empty bottle which is actually full of air. The gas inside can easily be squashed into a smaller space. The particles in a gas are not held together. Because there is plenty of space between them, they can be pushed closer to each other. Gases can be compressed.

Not all substance fits so neatly in one of these three categories like whipped cream etc.



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