Underwater Plant Kingdom Ocean Forests Video for Kids

                                Underwater Plant Kingdom

Plant kingdom is made up of multicellular, photosynthetic eukaryotes. These organisms contain specialized cells to perform various tasks. Marine algae group consists of some organisms that contain chlorophyll like plants do. Marine Algae exist throughout the ocean and float freely. They generally cling to rocks and reefs as well. The deep sea has its own ecosystem which consists of various plants and animal. Light does not penetrate the sea floor completely so these plants are especially adaptive to these situations. They can easily tolerate high salt contents of marine water.

Quick Facts: –

  • Underwater plants do not get sufficient light but still they undergo photosynthesis.
  • Kelp forests are found in oceans throughout the world, even in Antarctic and Arctic Circle.
  • Kelp forests are found up to 130 feet below the sea surface.
  • They are actually large brown algae that live in cool and shallow waters close to the shore.
  • Seaweed is a type of Marine Algae. It has very long strands and normally light green in colour.
  • Sea weed lives in very deep waters, up to 690 feet below the sea surface.
  • Sea grass is a plant with flowers. It looks almost similar to standard grass but has long blade like green leaves.
  • Poseidonia grows in large clusters on the sea floor. These plants produce oxygen and biomass both.