Sony Playstation Vita Video for Kids

                                           Sony PlayStation Facts

Sony is one of the most recognizable names in the industry of gaming console. Sony PlayStation has been in our homes for more than 20 years. It revolutionized the industry. Initially, Sony tried to work with Nintendo instead of bringing its own console in the market by Nintendo wanted full licensing rights. Then Sony approached Sega, the biggest competitor of Nintendo at that time. They worked together for some time and then Sony developed the PlayStation. It was the first ever gaming console that reached 100 million units sold.

Fun Facts: –

  • Sony engineer Ken Kutaragi is commonly known as the father of PlayStation.
  • Gran Turismo is the best selling game for PlayStation 1 with 10.85 million. It took 5 years to develop.
  • Due to a nationwide ban, it was illegal in China to buy a PlayStation from 2000 to 2015.China
  • Net Yaroze is a special version of the PlayStation 1 that allows the owners to develop their own games on a home computer.
  • The first ever internally-developed PlayStation game was a cartoony kart racer.
  • The signature look of PlayStation 2 was inspired by an old Atari.
  • The PlayStation 3 has been used to research black holes.
  • There were total 2,418 games released for the original PlayStation.
  • First generation PlayStations worked better upside down.
  • PlayStation 2 could stream Netflix by using an exclusive disc produced for the Brazilian market.
  • A man from Oxfordshire legally changed his name to ‘Mr. PlayStation 2’ in 2002.
  • The PlayStation was launched for 37,000 yen and only 100,000 units were distributed to 4,000 stores throughout the Japan.