Space Needle Observation Tower

The Seattle Space Needle is an observation tower and was built in 1962. It is one of the iconic landmarks located in the city of Seattle, Washington. It was created in honour of the World’s fair 1962. The Space Needle’s top, an aircraft warning beacon, reaches 605 feet and the Observation Deck is at 520 feet.

It is fastened to its foundation with 72 bolts, each 30 feet in length. It had the second revolving restaurant in the world, Sky City Restaurant that revolves at 500 feet. Diameter of this restaurant is 94.5 feet.


Quick Facts: –

  • On the roof of the needle, there are 25 lightning rods.
  • The center of gravity for Space Needle is 5 feet above the ground.
  • It is the most popular tourist attraction in the Northwest USA and receives over a million visitors every year.
  • The original name of Space Needle was ‘The Space Cage’ and of the restaurant was ‘Eye of the Needle’.
  • It was designed by John Graham and came as a compromise between several different design ideas.
  • This tower sways around 1 inch for every 10 mph of wind. It is built to withstand up to 200 mph wind velocity.
  • Until 2008, the tower had not been professionally cleaned since its opening in 1962.
  • The Space Needle expands about 1 inch on warm days.
  • The tower was $4.5 million to construct and it took 407 days to complete.
  • It has total a total of 848 stairs from the bottom of the basement to the top of the Observation Deck.
  • There are 3 elevators and two of them descend at a speed of 10 mph and the third one at 5 mph.
  • Actual travel time from ground space to the top house is 43 seconds by using the fast elevators.
  • They are designed in a way that during stormy weather, their speed can be reduced to 5 mph.
  • Each elevator has 7 cables although one single cable is enough to hold the entire weight of the elevator.
  • The first manager of Space Needle, Hoge Sullivan had acrophobia, a fear of heights.