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                                          Discovery Space Shuttle

Discovery space shuttle was NASA’s third space shuttle. It was launched on August 30, 1984. It is the world’s first reusable spacecraft. It launches like a rocket, orbits like a spacecraft and lands like a plane. This space shuttle flew 39 space missions during its operational life that makes it the most flown. It took four years to build Discovery. It is made up of three components that are two solid rocket boosters, the external fuel tank, and the orbiter. All other components were reused except for the external tank as it burned up in the atmosphere.

Quick Facts: –

  • The lift-off weight of Discovery was 4.5 million pounds.
  • This space shuttle was designed to fly 100 missions though it flew much fewer than that.
  • It was delivered to the Kennedy Space Center on November 9, 1983.
  • It has somewhat dingy appearance when the orbiter is seen up close. It has streaks primarily from going from orbit back into our environment.
  • Astronauts aboard this space shuttle aboard deployed NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope in April 1990.
  • The crew can range in size anywhere from five to seven people. Till now, more than 600 crew members have flown on space missions.
  • It has sent more than 3 million pounds of cargo into space.
  • In 1998, Discovery carried astronaut John Glenn who was 77 at that time. He set the record for the oldest person to go into space.
  • Discovery was the first shuttle to fly after both the Challenger and Columbia disasters in 1988 and 2003, respectively.


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