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Entertain yourself watching a wonderful hand-picked and really simple to understand Carbon Element science facts for kids video:

Why Watch this Carbon Element Video

This is a great video for kids all about the Carbon element. By watching this video, kids will be able to learn facts about this element like who discovered Carbon, when was it named, what the atomic number and atomic mass of Carbon is, and how many protons, neutrons and electrons does this element have. Kids will also be able to learn in what forms are Carbon found, what their uses are for and how it is considered the basic element of life.

Your kid will considerably take pleasure in seeing this interesting Carbon Element facts for kids video and swiftly extend your child’s scientific interest to discover science easy facts about Carbon Element.

This Carbon Element video is made for your children, from those kids partaking in early learning programs for pre-K children, leading to Fifth grade, naturally including preschool children and kids doing homeschooling.

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