How to become a Statistician

Do you love math? Are you good at digging into a problem to find out more? Maybe a job in statistics is right for you!

  • Statisticians use data—raw numbers and results—to form conclusions, make predictions, and solve problems.
  • Statistics is one of the fastest growing fields and offers a huge number of options for careers. You can probably find a job in almost anything that interests you. Google, for example, uses statistics to determine what websites come up when you search for something. Amazon uses statistics to determine what products you might like.
  • Researchers use statistics to solve big problems—like hunger in developing countries or to cure diseases.
  • Statisticians are needed in all kinds of industries.
  • Most statisticians have at least a bachelor’s degree in statistics. Many have master’s degrees, which allow them more job opportunities and better pay.
  • To be a statistician, you need to understand and enjoy math. You need to be able to analyze information and see patterns.
  • Statisticians are paid a wide range of salaries, depending on the industry. The average salary for a recent graduate ranges between $55,000 to $105,000. As workers gain experience, their salaries increase.


Questions and Answers

Question: What kind of environment does a statistician work in?

Answer: Most statisticians work in an office environment. They usually get good benefits and have reasonable work hours.


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