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The Diary of a Young Girl Summary


The Diary of a Young Girl is a book which got published in 1947. This book was originally created by the writings from a diary kept by Anne Frank. The book starts with her thirteenth birthday on June 12, 1942.

A diary is gifted to her by her parents and she decides to write letters to a fabricated friend Kitty as her diary entries. Kitty is someone in whom Anne can confide all of her secret thoughts as she feels misunderstood by everyone she knows.


  • The Frank family has migrated to Holland from Germany to move away from the Na-zi Party and Mr. Frank has taken a job there.
  • They left Germany because the lives of Jewish people became very much restricted there but restrictions where also in place in Holland.
  • In July 1942, the family moved into the building that housed Mr. Frank’s office. Anne referred the rooms of the building as ‘Secret Annex’.
  • The Frank family was joined by the Van Daan family and after that a dentist, Mr. Dussel also joined them. They lived in the Secret annex for two long years.
  • They have tonnes of reading material and a radio. During this time, Anne grows in her knowledge of politics and literature.
  • The people who were helping these secret annex members were becoming ill. They were not able to receive food and all other essential supplies if their helpers were not well.
  • Anne did not get along with her mother but she shared an extremely strong bond with her father.
  • The secret annex was raided two days after her last diary entry and all the members were sent to various concentration camps. Anne’s father, Otto Frank was the only survivor.



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