Poop – Human Excretory System Basics

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Working of Kidney Explained

Every day your body takes in air, food and liquid. Your body uses most of these materials to grow and get energy. But your body can’t use every bit. Food, liquid and air contain some things that your body can’t use. The leftover material is known as waste.

Think about what would happen if you never emptied the trash. The trash can would fill up and overflow. Your room would start to smell funny. You probably wouldn’t want to spend time there. Our bodies are the same way. Every day our bodies make waste. We must get rid of the waste to stay clean and healthy.

Your body gets rid of waste in three ways. When you breathe out, or exhale, waste from the air is released. When you go pee, liquid waste or urine is released. When you poop, solid waste leaves your body.

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Human Excretory System Basics: Urinary System Diagram

Fun Facts about the Human Excretory System for Kids

  • Your kidneys filter liquid waste from your blood. The blood in your body passes through your kidneys about 400 times every day. The kidneys make urine which is stored in your bladder.
  • Your intestines make poop. The poop is stored in your rectum.
  • The lungs push out stale air when you exhale.
  • Your body is 70 percent water. Drinking plenty of water every day keeps your kidneys running well.
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This is how your kidney works.

Human Excretory System Vocabulary

  1. Waste: leftovers that we don’t need and can’t use
  2. Overflow: spill over
  3. Exhale: breathe out
  4. Urine: pee
  5. Bladder: a small bag in your body where your urine is stored

Learn More About the Human Excretory System Basics

Check out this informational video about the human excretory system basics:

An animated video explaining the urinary system.

Human Excretory System Q&A

Question: What happens if your kidneys don’t work?

Answer: Your kidneys process waste and remove toxins from your body. Without them, you can get very sick. Some people must use a machine to help process this waste if their kidneys aren’t working. This is called dialysis.


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