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Tallest Mountain in the North America

Denali is the tallest mountain in North America at a height of 6,190 meters. It is the third highest of the seven summits. In 1896, this mountain was named as Mount McKinley by William Dickey after President William McKinley. In August 2015, it was officially renamed as mountain Denali with President Barack Obama’s approval. This mountain is located in Alaska.


Quick Facts: –

  • It has two main summits, the South Summit and the North Summit.
  • Despite its cold climate, it is a popular mountain for climbers.
  • Walter Harper was the first one to reach the higher South Summit of mount Denali in 1913.
  • Barbara Washburn was the first woman to reach the summit of Denali in 1947.
  • It has five massive glaciers on its slopes, along with many ice falls.
  • Although the mountain is not too difficult to climb sudden weather changes can make the conditions harsh.
  • As it is located in the northern part, it is one of the coldest places on Earth.
  • In the native Alaskan language, the word Denali means ‘the High One’.
  • The vertical rise of Denali is 17,000 feet which is greater than the vertical rise of Mount Everest which is 12,000 feet.
  • This mountain has a lower barometric pressure compared to other high mountains in the world because of its far northern latitude of 63°.
  • In 1910, two Alaskan prospectors, Peter Anderson and Billy Taylor made the first serious attempt to climb Denali and reached the summit of the lower North Summit that stands with a height of 19,470 feet.
  • On average, Mount Denali has 1,275 climbers every year.
  • The most popular route to climb Mount Denali is the West Buttress Route. It takes 2-4 weeks to reach the top.
  • There is a weather station at a height of 18,733 feet that measured a temperature as low as -60°C.


Top 5 mountains of North America: –

Rank Mountain Location Range Height
1 Denali Alaska, USA Alaska Range 6,194 m
2 Mount Logan Yukon, Canada Saint Elias Mountain 5,959 m
3 Mount Orizaba Mexico Volcanico Transversal 5,636 m
4 Mount St. Elias Alaska/Yukon Border Saint Elias Mountain 5,489 m
5 Mount Popocatepetl Mexico City, Mexico Volcanico Transversal 5,426 m



Mountain Q&A

Question: – What is the Highest Mountain in South America?

Answer: – Mount Aconcagua.


Question: – Who renamed the mountain as Mount Denali?

Answer: – President Barack Obama.