The Tiger – Fun Hidden Words Puzzle to Print

Tigers Quiz
Tigers Quiz

Free Tiger facts worksheet – this is a fun hidden words puzzle to print. Our FREE fun facts about Tigers Online Word Search game for kids is a free printable science worksheet for kids.

Tigers worksheet is ideal for kids in elementary school (Grammar school kids). Primary school teachers and educators can use our easy science worksheets for kids as a reading comprehension aid, and as a fun extra-curricular activity for after-school or at home. For kindergarten kids this activity sheet can be used as a listening comprehension game.

This FREE online word search game on Tigers is a great way for kids to gain additional information and learn easy science fun facts about Tigers.

Tigers are the biggest cats in the cat family. Some tigers are white in color and they are called white tigers. Tigers are wild animals. The tiger is an endangered animal specie, because some people hunt and kill them for their beautiful fur.

The Tiger Free Worksheet for Science

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