Transamerica Pyramid

Transamerica Pyramid is a building which is famous for its futuristic architectural style. It was designed to be the main headquarters of the company Transamerica. This building is situated at the gateway to San Francisco’s Financial District and is comprised of one full city block. It is comprised of two impressive buildings.

It is home to cloistered Redwood Park as well which features fountains, towering redwood trees, benches and a community stage. It has total 48 floors and it reaches to a height of 853 feet. Total cost of the construction was $32 million.


Quick Facts: –

  • The foundation of this building is 9 meters thick and has a depth of 15.85 meters. At that time, concrete was poured for 72 continuous hours.
  • It has a broad base that tapers as it rises and increases the stability of the building.
  • Transamerica Pyramid has 15 passenger elevators, 3 freight elevators and 3,678 windows.
  • This building is crowned with a pyramid shaped spire that has a crystal light on its end.
  • Originally, the building was proposed to be 1,000 feet tall but for some reasons the plans were shot down.
  • At the top of the pyramid, there is a glass cap which is roughly the size of an average cubicle.
  • The building gets its pure white color because of being covered in crushed white quartz.
  • Every ten year, approximately 18,000 work hours are required to repaint the building.
  • As other skyscrapers, Transamerica Pyramid also moves back and forth with high wind but not as much compared to other buildings of similar height.