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Types of Engineering Video for Kids


                                            Types of Engineering

What are the most popular types of engineering degrees?
Engineering degree programs remain incredibly popular today. There are various reasons for this, from job demand and opportunities to challenging but rewarding work environments, to high salaries.

Right at the top of the list for many students is the fact that engineers command such high salaries.

Depending on which area you get involved with, the median income level can be anywhere from $75,000 to $100,000 or more, and that is just the median.

Mechanical Engineer: –

Mechanical engineering remains right at the top of the list of popular engineering degrees. Mechanical engineering is focused on the creation, design, testing, and functionality of mechanical devices.

Civil Engineering: –

Civil engineering is one of the engineering degree programs that continue to bring in new students each and every year. When you consider the investment our current economy makes in new infrastructure, repairing existing infrastructure and more, it is a wise decision.

Electrical Engineering: –

Electrical engineers focus on the generation and supply of power, whereas electronics engineers focus on electricity for control systems and signal processing.

Environmental Engineering: –

Environmental engineers learn about how to create newer, environmentally safe systems, machines and more, while analyzing current industry and machines, studying hazards and effects in the environment, preventing damage to the environment and human life.

Computer Hardware Engineering: –

Computer hardware engineering is not a quickly growing field in terms of employment these days, but it remains one of the engineering degree programs which is quite popular for students.

Petroleum Engineering: –

Petroleum engineering has gained a lot of recognition in recent years as the highest paying college major in any field, period. That kind of recognition makes it a guaranteed frontrunner in terms of popular engineering degrees today.

Biomedical Engineering: –

Biomedical engineering is still a relatively small field compared to something like civil engineering, but it is the most rapidly growing aspect of engineering.

Aerospace Engineering: –

Design, test and supervise the manufacture of everything from planes to spacecraft to missiles. Heavy employment rates with the military and in the defense fields, working with contractors or with the Department of Defense on new projects, and more.

Industrial Engineering; –

Industrial engineers deal with the methods of production and how to maximize their capabilities, efficiencies and overall effectiveness.

Materials Engineering: –

Materials engineers work with the design and testing of new materials which can be used for machines, tools, industry, entrepreneurship and everything else down the line.



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