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Engineering for Kids – Facts for Kids Video


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                                            Engineering for Kids

You probably heard the word engineering before and you probably have been told that this is pretty important. But what exactly is engineering and who exactly is an engineer?

Engineers are people who design or build things that we use every day. However, they just do not go building the first thing that comes to mind. They work hard to make something that we need and they want to do a good job of it.

So how do engineers decide what they need to build?

In most cases, they start with a question. Here is an example.

How do you fix a space station?

Assume you live on a space station and something outside breaks. Obviously, you need to go outside and fix it but how exactly do you do that?

That is a great question for engineers. Once they got a good handle on things, they start imagining ways to solve the problem. They come up with all kind of ideas and some of them might seem a little crazy. That is important because sometimes the craziest idea is the one that works best. After coming up with these ideas they pick a few that make the most sense.

Next, they start drawing a plan. Depending on the idea, the plan can be very simple or very complicated. But the important part is the plan itself. A good plan helps engineers focus on what they are making and most importantly why.

Now, the engineers get to have some real fun. They get to create something. It is important to stick to the plan though so the idea does not go too far of course.

Once they build it then they have to test it. Experimentation is very important because it is here that engineers learn what works and what does not.

It is good that something works on the first trial but it is actually great when some things do not because that gives engineers a chance to go back and improve on their original idea and improve that will until they solve the problem. So the next time you get a problem to solve whether it is simple or complicated. There is probably a team of engineers ready to create something to solve it and nobody solves engineering problems quite like NASA.



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