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Types of Engineers Facts for Kids Video


Watch a cool personally discovered and really easy to comprehend Types of Engineers fun facts for kids video:

                                             Types of Engineers

Engineers solve different types of problem by applying their mathematical and scientific knowledge. The word engineer has been derived from the Latin word that means cleverness. There are different types of engineers.

  • Civil Engineer: – Civil engineering is all about the design and construction of buildings, bridges, roads and other public structures. Civil engineers take care of all different phases of an infrastructure’s life. This field also covers complicated networks such as water, irrigation and sewerage networks.
  • Mechanical Engineer: – Mechanical engineers apply the principles of Mechanics and material science for designing and manufacturing mechanical systems. They deal with analysis and maintenance of these systems and other mechanical tools.
  • Chemical Engineer: – Chemical engineers solve different problem and process raw materials and chemicals into useful forms by using science concepts. This field combines the jobs of chemists and industrial engineer.
  • Electrical Engineer: – Electrical Engineering includes the study of electricity and designing of different electrical systems like circuits etc. The major categories in electrical engineering include power generation, automation and control, semiconductors etc.
  • Computer Engineer: – Computer engineers are involved in the practice of making computers and their parts. This field has two subcategories that are hardware and software.
  • Biomedical Engineer: – Biomedical engineers use specific engineering techniques in the medical field. This branch of engineering mainly includes the study of medical equipments and their interaction with human body.


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