Typhoons and Hurricanes Worksheet – Free Printable Find the Words Game

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Typhoons and hurricanes happen when warm air mixes with cold air, creating intense wind, rain and flooding.
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The Typhoons and Hurricanes Worksheet – Download our FREE printable find the words game for kids. Our fun facts about typhoons worksheet includes a fun word seek puzzle and a find-the-missing words game for kids. You are free to use and print this free science worksheet as often as you need at no cost.  This free find the words game is appropriate for Primary school kids in 1st Grade to 5th Grade as well as for kids in Kindergarten and Preschool. Kids will enjoy playing the word hunt game and learning fun facts about typhoons and hurricanes.

Our fun facts about hurricanes worksheet is a fun way to gain your child’s attention during science enrichment classes, early learning activities or homeschooling science lessons.

Grade school kids from Grade One to Grade Five can use this worksheet all about typhoons and hurricanes as a reading comprehension game. The kids will learn well about typhoons and hurricanes due to the fact they will most likely have to read and re-read the interesting facts about typhoons and hurricanes to find what the missing words are.

Pre-K kids and Kindergarten kids who cannot read and write can enjoy this free fun facts about typhoons and hurricanes worksheet as a fun listening comprehension game. Educators can read to the kids the typhoons vs hurricanes fun facts and then ask the kids what they think the missing words are. Your young kids will also enjoy the hidden words puzzle and can use it to learn to recognize letters and words.

Parents homeschooling their kids can use the free printable find the hidden words game to awaken their kids interest in science and teach their kids fun facts about hurricane storms.

Teachers can use our hurricanes for kids worksheet to engage kids interest during science classes at school and to make learning about typhoons and hurricanes interesting and fun for kids.

Educators and Tutors can use our typhoons and hurricanes find the words game for after school science activities or extra-curricular science lessons. is the best place to learn easy science facts about the planet and the animals and plants living on it. We offer many free printable find the words games for kids and free to download and use hidden word puzzles. Use our free science worksheets to make learning science fun for kids!

What is the difference between Typhoons and Hurricanes? Hurricanes and Typhoons are the same kind of storm, but they happen in different places in the world. Typhoons mostly occur in the Pacific Ocean around Asia and Hawaii. Where do Hurricanes occur? What makes a Typhoon?

Learn fun facts about Typhoons and Hurricanes by downloading this fun free find the words game about typhoons.

Free Typhoons and Hurricanes Worksheet for Kids

[sociallocker]Download printable science find the words game on typhoons and hurricanes.

Download the FREE Typhoons and Hurricanes Worksheet for Kids!
Download the FREE Typhoons and Hurricanes Worksheet for Kids!



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