T-Rex is the most beloved and easily recognized dinosaur of all time, probably because it has been studied for many years. Its name means “Tyrant Lizard King,” which is probably an apt description.

Fun Facts

  • T-Rex is the biggest known carnivore to have lived during the Late Cretaceous in the western United States. Adult Tyrannosaurus dinosaurs were up to 42 feet in length.
  • Its fossils have been found in Colorado, Montana, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Wyoming, and southern Canada.
  • This dinosaur had a wide, rectangular face. By looking at its brain cavity, scientists have determined that it had good eyesight and possibly the best sense of smell of any animal ever.
  • Tyrannosaurus had thick, curved, serrated teeth that grew 12” long. Scientists estimate the jaws had 12,000 pounds of pressure per inch, enough to crush bone.
  • T-Rex lived in the same environment as bony dinosaurs like the Triceratops so its powerful jaws and sharp teeth would have been useful tools.
  • Tyrannosaurus had short, strong arms capable of lifting 400 pounds. Its legs and tail were muscular and it was a heavy dinosaur. It probably didn’t run very fast, which wasn’t a problem because the other animals of the time weren’t fast either.
  • Tyrannosaurus is related to modern birds and might have even had a few feathers. Scientists have discovered small patches of fossilized skin, which was covered in small, bumpy scales.
  • People wonder if this dinosaur actively hunted its prey or if it scavenged for dead animals. Based on how modern predators hunt, it probably did some of both.

Questions and Answers

Question: Was Tyrannosaurus Rex smart?

Answer: Its brain was twice the size of other large predatory dinosaurs, so yes, it was probably quite smart.

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