Voles – Download Free Science Worksheet Printables for 1st Grade Kids

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They eat plants. They even eat the bark from trees and shrubs.

Voles facts – Download Free Science Worksheet Printables for 1st Grade Kids. Our FREE printable science worksheets for kids to download are a fun way to discover the world we live in and its creatures. Our free to download and use fun word searching puzzle online resource is the easy way to get your kids to learn about science topics in a fun way.

This free science for kids Voles hidden word puzzle online resource is ideal for kids in first to fifth grades. It can also be used for kindergarten and pre-K kids as a listening comprehension activity. Your kids will enjoy doing this fun Voles worksheet printable.

The Vole is a a small mammal. Voles are rodents often mistaken as mice, because they look alike. However, voles are more plump and have shorter tails. It is interesting to know that they can have as many as 100 babies in a year. That would be a problem for gardeners who dislike them for destroying and consuming plants! Learn all about Voles here.

Free Science Worksheet About Voles

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