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Their heads and necks are almost bare so they stay clean while feasting on rotten meat.

Vultures worksheet for printer – Get this free downloadable science kids activity sheet. Our FREE fun facts about easy science fun facts all about Vulture word search game puzzle is printable.

This hidden words puzzle activity sheet on the Vulture birds is a fun way for kids to get vulture birds information and find out easy science fun facts all about Vultures, nature’s garbage birds.

There are approximately 16 ancient vulture species and 7 new ones. Vultures are wild birds of prey that feed mainly on carrion (decaying flesh) and have a featherless head. Learn about different types of scavanging birds of prey and many other birds here on our top 10 free science for kids website.

It is totally FREE to download and use our worksheet on vultures. Our site has many more fun and free printables. is top 10 activity sheet resource for educators and home schooling parents.

Vultures Worksheet Free Word Seek Game for Kids

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Download the FREE Vultures Worksheet for Kids!
Download the FREE Vultures Worksheet for Kids!


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