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                                                      Robot Facts

Robot can be defined as a man-made machine that can perform work or other actions normally performed by humans, either automatically or by remote control. It can perform mechanical and repetitive jobs faster, more accurately, and more safely than people. They are also used to handle dangerous materials and explore distant planets. The first humanoid robot was Elektro. It was built in 1939 by Westinghouse. It was seven feet tall and had a vocabulary of 700 words. The smallest robot is called Nanobot. It measures 10 nanometres in size.

Quick Facts: –

  • Robotics can be defined as the science and study of robots.
  • The first ever robot homicide occurred in 1981. A robotic factory arm crushed an employee at the Kawasaki plant.
  • Robots cans sense and respond to their surroundings by using electronic sensors in their eyes and ears.
  • Most robots are composed of 3 main parts which are the controller, mechanical parts and sensors.
  • Robots are not able to think or make decisions. All they can do is help us get things done.
  • Now they have replaced people performing repetitive jobs, and dangerous jobs, such as bomb disposal.
  • The U. S. Military has 4,000 robots that are used for scouting in dangerous countries and humans are saved.
  • A robot vacuum cleaner was invented that is capable of sensing its environment and cleaning the floor without human help to move the device.


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