What are Domestic Animals Video for Kids

                                               Domestic Animals

A domestic animal is characterized by various different traits. They are bred in captivity for economic profit and the breeding is controlled by humans. They are bred for many purposes. Domestication of animals for agricultural purposes dates back to the Neolithic period. There are many animals that fall into this category like dog, cat, goat, cow, pig etc.

Fast Facts: –

  • Goats and sheep do not have teeth on their front jaw. They have a hard plate that helps them to grind up the food.
  • A goat is believed to be the first ever animal to be domesticated.
  • Pigs do not have sweat gland so they roll in mud to cool themselves off and prevent sunburns.
  • Chickens use 200 different types of vocalization as a means of communication. They can communicate with their mother whilst still in the egg.
  • Cows develop strong bonds like humans. They spend most of their time with some preferred companions.
  • Sheep make a bleating sound and baby lambs can recognize their mother by her bleat.
  • Goats have rectangular pupils that help them to see better in the dark.
  • A pig can run 11 miles in an hour.
  • Cattle have an almost 360-degree panoramic vision.
  • Ducks have waterproof feathers. They have a special gland near their tail that produces oil. This oil covers the outer coat of feathers.
  • Sheep have two toes on each foot.
  • Geese are monogamous. They mate for life and even mourn when their partner dies.
  • Cats have excellent hearing and sense of smell.
  • It is believed that dogs descended from wolves.