What is an Earthquake Video for Kids

Take a couple of minutes to watch a wonderful picked and very simple to understand What is an Earthquake simple science for children video:

About What is an Earthquake Video

This short video is all about Earthquakes. By watching this video, you will know exactly what an earthquake is, how they are very common and about 900,000 earthquakes happen worldwide every year. You will also learn about how earthquakes happen, what factors affect the tectonic plates to cause an earthquake and where they are most destructive. The video will also talk about seismologists and what they use to compare the magnitude of earthquakes.

Kids will take pleasure in viewing this What is an Earthquake facts for kids video and enjoyably broaden your young children’s natural interest to find out science fun facts about What is an Earthquake.

This What is an Earthquake video is simple to enjoy for kids, from those partaking in early learning programs for pre-Kindergarten kids, until 5th grade kids, certainly also including young kids and children in public schools.

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