What is Marine Biology Video for Kids

Enjoy watching a wonderful chosen and very simple to understand What is Marine Biology video:

                                                 Marine Biology

Marine biology can be defined as the study of life along the seashore. It includes almost everything from plankton to a whale. The people who study things living in the ocean are known as marine biologists. They mainly research about how ocean acidification affects marine organisms. They also discover new compounds to be used in the medical field by studying novel marine bacteria. The term ‘marine’ refers to salt water environments so it does not cover life in lakes and river. It is entirely focused on oceans or wetlands.

Fun Facts: –

  • There are more than 500 different shark species and about 80% of them are not able to hurt people. Their encounter with humans is also very rare.
  • There are some species of bony fish that have more than one set of nostrils.
  • The skin of sharks feels like sandpaper because they are covered with tiny little teeth. These teeth are called dermal denticles.
  • There are more than 225,000 known marine species and that is with only 5% of the ocean has been explored.
  • A few species of fish are hermaphrodites. It means they can start their lives as a female and if required they can become a male.
  • The ocean is full of tiny living things. A microscope or a magnifying glass is required to find these small creatures.
  • Jellyfish have been around for a very long time. They predate both dinosaurs and sharks.
  • An electric eel can produce enough electricity to light up ten electric bulbs.
  • Dolphins keep half of their brain active and one eye open while sleeping so that they can watch for predators.
  • A blue whale can make the loudest sound made by any animal on the planet.
  • Shrimps have their heart in their head.