What is Physics

Physics is the study of all matter, energy, and forces and how they interact. Unlike chemistry, which focuses on combining atoms and elements into substances and compounds, physics explores mechanics, energy, momentum, waves, light, heat, sound, electricity, magnetism, optics, and thermodynamics.

Fun Facts

  • Physics is a part of almost every science: astronomy, biology, chemistry, engineering, geology, etc.
  • Physicists are scientists who study how matter and energy interact. Physicists go on to have careers as researchers or professors. They might work on weather and climate change, space and aeronautics, computer programming and game development, and many other fields.

Interact: the affect matter has on other matter
Aeronautics: the field of flight and planes
Q and A
Question: How do I become a physicist?
Answer: Most physicists have a doctorate degree, which takes about 8 years. Many other fields include the study of physics.
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