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What Really Killed the Dinosaurs Facts for Kids Video


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                                 What Really Killed the Dinosaurs

It still remains an unsolved mystery that what really killed the dinosaurs? What was the reason for mass extinction? There is an idea which is widely accepted that an asteroid impact did all this. It was so huge that the energy released would have been equivalent to millions of thermonuclear bombs. This 7-mile wide asteroid hit our planet approximately 65 million years ago. It caused a crater more than 180 miles wide, powerful tsunamis and wind strong enough to cause the destruction of plant and animal life across the globe. In the matter of a few minutes, from this lush and vibrant world, it went to an absolutely silent and nearly nothing.

The major evidence that supports this theory is a thin layer of 65 million year old clay found which is rich in iridium. It is rare on earth but very commonly found in asteroids. Rock samples have also been found that indicate exposure to extreme heat and pressure.

Still, many paleontologists argue that the dinosaurs and other life forms were already dying out even before the mass extinction took place. The continuous drop in global temperature and sea level was the reason for that. We may never know what actually caused the mass extinction but the researches are continuously taking place and new theories are being introduced.



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