Best Great White Shark Habitat Video for Kids


                                       Great White Shark Habitat

Great white sharks are the largest predator fish of the world. They reach up to a length of 20 feet and can weigh more than 2,270 kg. They can be easily identified by their gray skin, white belly and bullet shaped body. They are found mostly along the coasts of South Africa, Australia and north eastern United States. A few of them are also found in Brazil, north western Africa, eastern Africa, Madagascar, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Hawaii, Philippines, New Caledonia etc.

Fast Facts: –

  • Great white sharks prefer warm coastal seas.
  • They are social animals and generally travel in a group which is called school or a shoal.
  • They are carnivores and their diet includes seals, sea lions, small toothed whales, carrions, sea turtles etc.
  • A baby shark is called a pup. At the time of birth, it is approximately 5 feet long.
  • Great white sharks are very good swimmers.
  • They are warm-blooded and can easily regulate their body temperature.
  • They have an acute sense of smell and can easily detect one drop of blood in about 100 Litres of water by using an organ called the olfactory bulb.
  • These sharks have around 300 serrated teeth.
  • At once, a female white shark can lay two to ten eggs.
  • Great white sharks are eaten by killer whales or smaller white sharks are eaten by larger great white sharks.