Aardvark Mammals – Free Fun Science Kids Activity Sheet

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Aardvarks do look a little bit like pigs. They have long snouts and rounded bodies. But, they also have ears like a rabbit and a tail like a kangaroo.

Aardvark mammals activity sheet – Download this Free fun science kids activity sheet. Our FREE all about Aardvarks Word Puzzle for Kids is suitable for kids in Grades 1-5 as well as Pre-K and Kindergarten kids. Educators can use this free word seek puzzle for science lessons and School Enrichment programs.

Pre-K and Kindergarten kids can use this word seek puzzle game as a fun listening comprehension activity. Grammar & Primary school kids can enjoy this words puzzle game as a reading comprehension activity.

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This printable words search puzzle game on Aardvark Mammals is a great way for kids to have fun while learning fun facts about Aardvarks.

Are Aardvarks Burrowers? Yes, Aardvark mammals are burrower mammals. Aardvarks are hunted and killed by humans in Africa for their meat. People from other countries kill Aardvarks to use various body parts for potions and charms. Baby Aardvarks stay living with their mother for up to a year before maturing and setting off to live on their own.

Discover more Aardvark facts by downloading the Aardvark Mammals worksheet!

FREE Aardvark Mammals Worksheet for Kids

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Download the Aardvark Mammals Worksheet for Kids
Download the Aardvark Mammals Worksheet!



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