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After Christ’s death, missionaries traveled to Armenia to preach the gospel. One of these missionaries, Gregory, was thrown in a pit by the king. He lived in the pit for more than 13 years.

Easy Geography for Kids on Armenia - Saint Gregory the Illuminator, the Patriarch of the Armenian Church

Easy Geography for Kids on Armenia – Saint Gregory the Illuminator, the Patriarch of the Armenian Church

At the time, Armenia was a pagan country. The king fell in love with a Christian nun. When she refused to marry him, he had her and her entire order killed. After this, the king went mad. The king’s sister ordered the guards to release Gregory from the pit. Gregory healed the king from his madness and the king was converted. In 301, Armenia became the first country to publicly declare Christianity its national religion.

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Earth Science for Kids All About Armenia - the National Flag of Armenia

Earth Science for Kids All About Armenia – the National Flag of Armenia

This dramatic story is only the beginning of Armenia’s long history of conflict and change. Armenia has been conquered by the Greeks, the Romans, and many other groups. Its boundaries have changed no less than 60 times in the last 3,000 years. Just in the last 100 years, Armenia has had more than three wars, and was a Soviet country for many years. During World War II, the Ottoman Turks forced Armenians out of their country. Today, Armenia still endures many conflicts, as well as frequent earthquakes.

Fun Facts about Armenia for Kids

  • 3,033,000 people live in Armenia.
  • Armenia has 11,484 square miles.
  • People speak the Armenian and Russian language in Armenia.
  • Most Armenians are Armenian Apostolic, an ancient Christian faith.
  • People in Armenia can expect to live for 72 years.
  • 99 percent of adults can read.

Armenia Vocabulary

  1. Missionary: someone who teaches others about religion or offers service
  2. Pit: deep hole
  3. Pagan: ancient, native religion. Most pagans worship more than one god or worship elements of nature
  4. Heal: make well
  5. Boundary: edges of a country or area

All About Armenia Video for Kids

Here’s the best kids Armenia video you can watch right now to learn more about Armenia:

Armenia Q&A

Question: Are Armenians still religious?

Answer: During Soviet rule, religious was squashed. Today people are reclaiming their old traditions and way of life.


Question: Are there popular structures in Armenia?

Answer: Yes, one unique architectural construction in Armenia is the Monastery of Geghard. This monastery is carved out mountain and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Map of Armenia

Here’s a map of the country of Armenia and all its cities and villages. Zoom in to get into street level or zoom out to see other countries around Armenia! You can see the terrain, but also see the roads, images of the buildings and even take a 3D tour through the streets of the cities of Armenia, as though you are actually there!


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