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Food Shortages


Food shortages have always been a problem and cycles of famine and plenty have occurred for thousands of years. In the United States, we have access to fresh, plentiful food most of the time. In other parts of the world, though, simply having enough rice or wheat to survive is a challenge.

All about Food Shortages Easy Science for Kids - Image of Deaths in Africa Caused by Food Shortages

All about Food Shortage Easy Science for Kids – Image of Deaths in Africa Caused by Food Shortages

Fun Facts about Food Shortage for Kids

  • Even in the United States, hunger is a problem. One in six children, and 12 percent of the population, goes hungry at least once each month or more.
  • Worldwide, hunger is an issue for over 862 million people. Children die every day because of inadequate food and nutrition.
  • Drought and poor weather contribute to hunger. Inadequate rain, storms and hail all destroy crops.
  • Crops don’t grow well in poor soil or soil that’s been improperly managed.
  • Rising food prices mean that poor people can’t afford to buy the food they need.
  • Rising oil prices make food expensive to transport. People living in remote areas may not have access to good food.
  • War and political instability can interrupt food production and transportation.
Science for Kids Website on Food Shortage - Image of People Protesting Against the Government

Science for Kids Website All about Food Shortage – Image of People Protesting Against the Government

Food Shortage Vocabulary

  1. Cycle: a repetitive series of events
  2. Famine: widespread food shortage
  3. Survive: live, overcome
  4. Inadequate: not enough
  5. Drought: lack of rain
  6. Remote: faraway

Learn More All about Food Shortage

Here’s a great video for kids all about Food Shortage:

A video inforgraphic explaining all about food shortage.

Food Shortage Q&A

Question: What can I do to help with food shortages?

Answer: First, be grateful and appreciative for the food you enjoy. Don’t take more than you need and eat what you take. Grow a garden with your family and set aside food in the pantry and the freezer to use in emergencies. Give generously to local food banks or organizations that provide food aide worldwide.


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